How to make “Remote Work” work for you?

We have come to an era where most of us don’t like to go to an office and work remotely!!! This is no wrong, no right. Everyone has their own preferences but sometimes we are not well equipped with tools, resources, motivation to live up to our own choices. That makes it difficult to work remotely. Keeping materialistic things aside, sharing some of the ways to make “remote work” work for you!

My office setup at home

The basic setup that works for everyone:

  • Table Chair- It is very important to have a decent table and chair which suits you based on height, working preferences, budget, and space you have at home. DO NOT work from your bed, dining table!
  • Lighting- We tend to work from a closed room so that we are not distracted by outside noise (kids, TV, vehicles). It’s okay to open your windows to absorb some natural light (which makes you more active). On top of natural light, having enough indoor lights is like ‘Cherry on the cake’.
  • Internet- It’s not always possible to have SLA for residential internet connections. It is recommended to have another source of connectivity, i.e. a 4G dongle, mobile hotspot.

Doing a setup like this will enable you to work from wherever you want with good health and productivity. Here is more to build better habits and stay healthier and productive:

Photo by from Pexels

After talking to a few friends, colleagues and doing secondary research, it’s evident that everyone faces burnout in some or another way. We keep working for hours & hours and it’s hard to decide when to disconnect.

Based on detailed feedback from one of my colleague, here are some of the ideas to disconnect:

  • Physical disconnect: Depending on your home area, keep a room just for working. Having said that, DO NOT eat in your work area, DO NOT use social media, DO NOT invite guests/friends here, and the list goes on.
    When you restrict the activity zones to a specific activity, you tend to change spots for different activities.
    P.S.- If you do not have separate rooms for sleep, food, work. You can make zones even in a single room dedicated to a specific activity.
  • Mental disconnect: This is the most important part of our work life. Even we are away from the desk we keep on thinking about deadlines, emails, requests from the team/customers. A few ways to deal with this:
    - delegate things,
    - communicate better,
    - Share your availability with the team (update them if you are changing your work timings)
    - last but the least. Create a reach-out plan (need basis)! For example: first, send me a message on the work communication tool (slack/teams), if no response, send me a text/WhatsApp/WeChat/Any personal communication tool and then a phone call if it’s critical. If it’s critical, tell them to skip the first 2 modes of communication.
Source: Giphy

Most people love to sleep for longer hours. I wish I could. I was listening to the book Atomic Habits which talks about how you can make your habits. To build a habit, Make it easy to perform the task. To work in the morning, ready your work set up the previous night. So that when you wake up, you don’t need to put effort to initiate work. To break a habit, Make it difficult. Sleep early, I know it’s difficult! When you make it difficult to sleep late, you can sleep early. Put your mobile phone in the closet, switch off the internet the first time sleep comes to your mind.

Me working from a friend’s place during my trip

We all know how we can perform better. A few common things to become productive:

I am an explorer who loves to go places, explore around, cycling trips, and trekking. I have a separate room for work at home (set up shared here) and a small table (portable) if I want to work from the terrace or some other place at times. Every morning I wake up with a smile, drink water, go for walk/run/cycling, and after other morning rituals start my day. I love cooking so sometimes make something new(my food album). In the evening, I prefer to have home-made snacks/drinks and go out for a walk/meet people around.

Pav bhaji by me

There is more to it, I wanted to highlight the important actionable. I hope these will help you become better and succeed in “remote work” & life in general.


Cyclist | Athlete | Product Manager | Explorer | Maths Lover | Blood Devta

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