Ride to Bhimashankar — Crossed over 100 villages

3 min readDec 20, 2018


Ever thought of a ride to Bhimashankar from Mumbai? We’ve done it.

A ride to Bhimashankar

Have you ever thought of meeting an old man and found him exciting about climbing cycle through Jungle and Ghats? Well, I met Shekhar Damle an extraordinary man into cycling and trekking from Mumbai. I used to ask him about good routes around Mumbai for cycling, and he planned an awesome exclusive cycling trip to Bhimashankar. And from his close connections, we become 4 partners from 2 for this crime.

In the Jungle

We started from Kalyan around 1 AM towards Junnar. The distance was never a challenge for me, but the foremost parts of the route were crossing a jungle(during the night), Malshej Ghats, Ganesh Khind. And which together sums up to a 1900+m height with crossing around 40+ small and large villages.

We had to wake up whole household and staff to feed us at Hotel Refuel — the paratha pit stop.

After resting at Malshej Valley view, we had to reach the top of the region, Ganesh Khind from where we started descending(relax after a good climb). And Junnar is no more a destination now instead Bhimshankar is the next top.

After a long tiring day, we have to climb to Bhimashankar.

Credits: Bond

And it was going to be less tough but considering the previous day, this was almost the same. Although Akshay got severe pain in his outer thighs he still somehow managed to climb like a pro.

A halt at Papaya shop along the route. Papaya made our day in the hot weather and helped us feel fulfilling throughout the route.

Reaching Bhimashankar without much pain was another gain for us. A small trek was waiting for us there afterwards.

Reached Sunset point after Sunset (Nagphani Point)

Finally, it comes the day of descend and everyone loves doing so. Bhimashankar to Khopoli. A good lunch was waiting for us at Lonavala. And now a few good pictures.

Outside Malshej Ghats Tunnel
Fastest Route
Jungle, Malshej Ghat, Ganesh Khind

Stats for the trip:

Total cycling distance: 251 km
Total ascent: 3760 m
Gross hours on the bike: 26 hours 25 mins
Net hours (moving time): 14 hours 45 mins
Average speed based on distance and moving time: 16.95 km/h
Demographics crossed: 100+ villages, 4 districts

Thanks, Shekhar Damle for planning and executing the plan. Thanks, Akshay & Bond for being wonderful mates.





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