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2 min readJul 3, 2017


Shifting of bike by riding around 21 kms

I am surprised that how people shift bikes in locations less than 40kms. Because if you are a real cyclist you will not use any transporter for such distances. Well it was 21 km for me on the map for walking distance and no cycle route found because both cities are connected via NH48 (very rushed highway). So I found a way from Dwarka sector-7 to Gurugram sector-41 that is via 2 villages around the border line Bijwasan and Chauma.

Well I started with a puncture in the rear. And when I got repaired with that I was still not confident to ride because of 42–44 degree celsius. But as I need to shift same day and it was 11 AM.

Also bike is not serviced from 3–4 months, so it was difficult to ride on strange roads.

I moved on to my route and crossed a village without any problem because I was using Google Maps for the same but the route wasn’t as expected. After sometime I reached a place where I felt like heaven as there are farm houses only with clean roads and natural air and freshness.

After this moment I was not sure about the route again as it is taking me from fields and that is the route for walk I think. Well I ride on that route as well and reached to a destination which I even can’t think about in dreams and that is railway line and no option left. I was about to go back for around 5–7 kms and take different route but due to hotness of the weather I thought to go with railway lines till I get the road, it was around 1.5 kms where it was very difficult to take bike.

Railway line way

I just surprised to find a road and located my destination from there and after so many turns and breakers I reached NH8 and rested for 2 minutes only and started again to reach my home and it was successful attempt to reach destination in approximate 1.30 hours.

Checkout my ride here:

My trip ended up with 2 more punctures in the rear (may be because of railway line route). And I kept my bike in my room as house Owner said he have no responsibility if someone steal from outside.

Thanks for reading a small and real experience…

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