A Perfect Weekend — How to make it?

3 min readJan 22, 2018


What do you call a weekend? And what if this weekend is preceded by perfect? A weekend is a short period after a long period of a busy life (you can say a workweek). How can you make your weekend perfect rather than sleeping for more hours? Because it's your leisure time, you would like to make it more enjoyable and productive. So here is how I made one of the weekends great:

You can start with some workout followed by hard or soft drinks with like-minded people. How I made Friday evening great?
I rode a bicycle for an hour. Some people might think this is nothing much compared to burning calories at high intensity in a gym. Believe me; if you do whatever you like, you will burn more calories in happiness rather than sweating.

You can go for a long walk, gym, horse riding, cycling, swimming, dance class, etc

Some beers are not enough when you have company. Spending good times with indifferent conversation with your old friends, family member, colleagues make you laugh from inside, followed by a great dinner.

You can plan a small get together at a restaurant, home or wherever you like to

I hope you had a great sleep! Please wake up; it's 5 AM, again ride time. It's time for some workout with high intensity or long workout with less power. Here I chose bicycle ride again but stuck with rear gear set to break with no luck to fix it simultaneously.

You can choose long run, gym or any sport you love to play

I love food but skipped breakfast for a food walk. 10-11 food items during brunch hours made me pack for the day. But never stop if you have another opportunity for great food.

It's time for society, and it's time for a cause. Donated blood! I can say, "live for the society for at least 12% of a lifetime".

You can visit orphanage, NGO, teach kids, donate things, help needy, etc

I had a fantastic evening with live music and great people. It was a festive evening with a live singer who could mix cultural and dance songs. I forgot to add before music eve, had great food at the street-side famous corner. At midnight, I again had something for my stomach to have a great sleep.

You can go for dinner, cook yourself, enjoy evening with family, etc

I had a long sleep as the bicycle was not ridable. But it would be best if you did some workout instead of sleeping. Morning workouts are better than late morning or evening ones. A heavy breakfast can help you generate more calories for the day.

Spend an afternoon at a nearby park with family. You can have groundnuts or fruits and absorb Vitamin D. Again hungry stomach needs more carbs to enjoy the day.

An evening with some fried snacks if you don't bother about calories and love a street chat. And here the time comes for which you have been waiting for the past 48 hours.

Think! Think! Think!

It's time for a long sleep, up to 9 hours.

Now I am waiting for some great thoughts about how you felt and enjoyed your weekend.




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