We have come to an era where most of us don’t like to go to an office and work remotely! This is no wrong, no right. Everyone has their own preferences but sometimes we are not well equipped with tools, resources, motivation to live up to our own choices. That makes it difficult to work remotely. Keeping materialistic things aside, sharing some of the ways that to make “remote work” work for you!

My office setup at home

The basic setup that works for everyone:

  • Table Chair- It is very important to have a decent table and chair which suits you based on height, working…

Motivation is the key to success!

How many of you make resolutions on the new year to become fit & healthy? How many of you are healthy today? Do you know the reason?

Let me tell you how I decided to make a resolution a week after 1st Jan 2019. I am a cyclist and never run more than 5km. In the race of making resolutions, I thought about running a half marathon before March 31st, 2019. Guess what, I managed to run half marathon on the 13th day of practice.

Running is not difficult unless you make it so!

Ever thought of a ride to Bhimashankar from Mumbai? We’ve done it.

A ride to Bhimashankar

Have you ever thought of meeting an old man and found him exciting about climbing cycle through Jungle and Ghats? Well, I met Shekhar Damle an extraordinary man into cycling and trekking from Mumbai. I used to ask him about good routes around Mumbai for cycling, and he planned an awesome exclusive cycling trip to Bhimashankar. And from his close connections, we become 4 partners from 2 for this crime.

What do you call a weekend? And what if this weekend is preceded by perfect? Well a weekend is a short time span after a long time span of busy life (you can say a workweek). How can you make your weekend perfect rather than sleeping for more hours? Because it’s your leisure time, you would like to make it more enjoyable and productive. So here is how I made one of weekend great:

You can start with some workout followed by hard or soft drinks with like minded people. How I made Friday evening great?
Riding bicycle for almost 1…

Shifting of bike by riding around 21 kms

I am surprised that how people shift bikes in locations less than 40kms. Because if you are a real cyclist you will not use any transporter for such distances. Well it was 21 km for me on the map for walking distance and no cycle route found because both cities are connected via NH48 (very rushed highway). So I found a way from Dwarka sector-7 to Gurugram sector-41 that is via 2 villages around the border line Bijwasan and Chauma.

Well I started with a puncture in the rear. And when I…

1700 km | 4 days | 5 students | Winter

Thinking about those 4 days of 2015 winters, I pushed myself to write about my journey to Himachal with public transport (approx. 1700 km).

We 5 students started from Faridabad with a sum of around 15k INR in total (for travel, accommodation, food, etc). No plans, the only plan we have is to go Shimla.

Journey Started: Anyhow we reached Delhi railway station from Faridabad in the night around 10–11 pm. We really do not have any reservations and we decided not to go take even general train tickets. So we boarded the train to Kalka (28km from Chandigarh). We…


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